Video Edits /VLogs

Editing a video is not just about stitching a few raw footage together. A professional touch can tell a compelling story through the use of live footage whether it was shot professionally or otherwise. As an animator I might naturally include a few animations where needed, to tell a better story.

Below is a video edit I did for a group of students from Aquinas on their research. It was important to add subtitles here because most of the footage was shot on a phone and the voices were not very audible, this is an example of how a professional touch can make a a much better presentation & bring out the importance of the footage being compiled.

Vlogs on the other hand can make an audience feel more involved in the narrative, having the sense of being able to take a closer look at the perspective of the narrator.

Do visit my YouTube channel for my personal vlogs if you feel curious. 😉

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