Logos & Mascots

 A logo is the face of a brand. It is the visual summary that depicts everything from what the brand’s target market is, what the product or service is about, the attitude of the brand and the style of it’s communications as well as what it’s internal work environment is like.

For the most part people will judge a book by the cover & that is why a logo is considerably important to the marketing of any product or service.
That is why I believe that a logo should be designed to match the clients requirements as closely as possible without allowing personal design prejudices come in the way of changing what the client wants to tell the world about him/her self.
This doesn’t mean a compromise of professionalism but rather a delivery of a beautiful logo that satisfies a client without having to convince the client of it.

Logos and Mascots - Thumbnail

This was a project undertaken by IQ PVT Ltd. while I was working there. It was for the re-branding of Reborn, a sport wear brand in Sri Lanka. They wanted to depict the brand’s re-birth (literally). Thus the use of the Phoenix a mythological creature who has the power to reincarnate, while adding to the sporty-feel with the sharp edged shapes used to create the logo. I personally enjoyed making this logo very much and made quite a few variations of this concept before the above was finalized.

LOGO - Aberdeen-MidasINC

MIDAS INC is a brand of Aberdeen Holdings. The client wanted to portray a prosperous establishment that catered to class & elegance. Again a project done while I was at IQ.

MTV Sports - TV Channel by Randy Chriz

This logo was made 6 years ago for one of the MBC Network’s Channels, MTV Sports following a concept of Chevaan Daniels. The colours and style were chosen to represent the colours and style of the MTV News 1st logo

Northern Brigade LOGO - Final 1

This logo was made for a good friend and repeat client for internal use of the organization at which he worked. The idea was to represent the north of Sri Lanka (map) the word ‘Uthura’ in Sinhalese and of course features that signify the unique locality of the northern region of the country.


Chilled out and ready to take on the world one slow step at a time, the Turtle Traveller is where a mascot became a logo.

Above are mascots designed for anything.lk in 2012. Anything.lk wanted to use a blue genie as their mascot specially for a gamified promotion they ran on the site where customers had to spot the genie hidden inside the website and win special gifts and discounts. It was certainly a fun project to do, though short-term.

Colombo Paintball Logo

Another one of those detailed logos that are supposed to be on the funky side than on the icon-like side of logo designing. Some say logos are meant to be simplistic, I say logos are meant to be whatever the client wants it to be.

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Another project done while I was at IQ. This is one of my most loved creations. The logo was shortlisted among the many that were presented to the government and it would’ve been awesome if mine actually became the official megapolis logo… The logo was a collection of three concepts put together: 1. People uniting to build effective work forces around Sri Lanka, 2. The ripple effect of the megapolis plan and 3. A traditional entrance to a place of prosperity, the moonstone.

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